Selva del Mar, Nicaragua

In the southern coastal hills of Nicaragua, where offshore breezes blow more than 300 days a year, where you share the land with monkeys and parrots, where conditions are perfect for the fishermen who launch their pangas from the cove below, where the surf is sculpted by points, reefs and sandbars, your dream home is waiting for you. Welcome to Selva Del Mar.

We envision Selva Del Mar as an eco-resort. We intend to preserve its biological diversity. There are two elements of the resort. First, the property has been subdivided into lots, with ample green space and architectural requirements to insure that construction blends with the natural environment, enabling everyone to experience the rich diversity of flora and fauna. There are monkeys, sloths, anteaters, armadillos, foxes, wildcats, iguanas, butterflies and a variety of beautiful birds that call this area home. We want to keep it that way. We also want our project to be a destination for swimmers, snorkelers, surfers, fishermen and beachcombers who want to explore the area. In order to insure that the theme of the project is maintained, there are conditions, covenants and restrictions, and an architectural review committee to approve building plans.

We are creating low impact trails through the property so that its beauty and wildlife can be appreciated. In addition, our commitment to maintaining and improving the native habitat includes planting native trees and plants. Our neighbors at the
Reserva Ecológia Zacatán are also planting hardwood trees and their vision is to make this area a socially responsible site for long range ecological research.

Our Master Plan has been approved by Marena, Nicaragua's Environmental Protection Agency. Development opportunities for this part of the project are available. You can view the resort plans here.